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Bouillabaisse Menu

Formal Sit-Down | 3-Course Serving: Fish, Mollusks, and Crustaceans | $65 per person + cost of ingredients

Provencal-Style Fish Stew

Bouillabaisse is a stew or soup featuring assorted seafood that can be served as a communal feast or a 2-3-course plated dinner. There are variations in the list of ingredients depending on local seafood and aromatics. The idea is to make an intensely flavored thick stock, cook high-quality seafood, and serve both with boiled potatoes, baguette toasts, and rouille sauce.

Traditionally, French restaurants serve bouillabaisse not plated, letting the guests assemble their dishes right before eating — large dishes with cooked seafood, fish stock, rouille, and baguette toasts. Each eater places some seafood and potatoes in a bowl, adds some stock, spreads some rouille on a couple of toasts, and places them on top of the fish stock to soak the flavorful essence of bouillabaisse. Other restaurants prefer serving it as a dinner that consists of 3-4 plated dishes featuring different kinds of seafood and making sure all components are distributed evenly. Either way, this fish stew is fantastic!

Sample Seafood Selection: Lobster tails, prawns, monkfish, sole, sea bass, mussels, scallops.

Menu Dishes

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