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My Story

For me, cooking started in my mother’s tiny kitchen in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We made simple meals with limited ingredients. My parents grew their fruit, vegetables, and herbs to ensure variety and quality food for our family. We cared and knew what went into our food made from scratch. At that time, my world was small, with little to no access to other cuisines.

It changed when I came to the U.S. I am lucky to live in a place with limitless possibilities to learn from different world cultures. My culinary horizons also broaden with every travel. I taste authentic regional dishes around the U.S., Europe, and Asia. I bring home more unique recipes, skills, and knowledge to share.

My curiosity for food keeps me going, drives me to learn and master new skills, makes all my senses engaged. I hope to inspire my clients to see food from that perspective.


My Services

I believe in home cooking. As a culinary coach, I help my clients choose the best ingredients, advance their skills, and master any unique cooking methods. My 4-hours classes are practical and encouraging. We cook together to understand how specific ingredients, cooking methods, temperatures, and timing work.


I provide personal chef services for multiple clients for specific events. My clients choose a menu based on their group eating preferences and have options for guests with dietary requirements or restrictions. Often, my clients enjoy watching how I cook their meals. We talk about ingredients, tips, and tricks, and it becomes an interactive culinary event. 


  • Cooking Sun, Kyoto | Japan | Intensive Course of Japanese Homecooking Certificate | 2018

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