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Cheese Tasting Menu

Grazing Table | Assortment of cheese, olive bar, deli meats, artisanal bread, condiments

$35-$55 pp | price depends on the selection of cheese and pairing

Price includes 1 oz of every cheese and 0.5 oz of every pairing component per person, including artisanal sourdough bread and fruit pastes made with organic ingredients. You are welcome to request a customized selection of cheese, portions, and decorations. When placing an order, please specify all essential details. Alcoholic drinks are not included.

Sample Cheese Tower

Petit Basque, Gruyere, Coeur de Savoie, Gisele, St. Nuage, Délice de Bourgogne, Roquefort Société, Delice de Bourgogne, Moody Blue by Roth, Comte, St. Nuage, Manchego, Buttermilk Blue by Roth

1 oz of every cheese per person

Sample Cheese Pairings

Grilled bread, croccantini, olive bar, ham, prosciutto, apple/quince/plum/plumcots pate, artisanal honey, smoked pickled mustard seeds, assorted fruit jams

0.5 oz of every pairing component per person

Menu Dishes

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