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Steak Menu

Formal Sit-Down | 2 appetizers + main dish + dessert | $65 per person + cost of ingredients


Strawberry Fields Forever Salad

salad greens + strawberries + fresh goat cheese + Marcona almonds + watermelon vinaigrette + microgreens

served plated, with no goat cheese for a dairy-free portion

Open Sandwiches with Cucumbers and Radishes

Artisanal bread + miso butter + cucumbers and/or radishes

served 2 sandwiches per portion

Roasted Tomato and Burrata Salad

1 medium-size beefsteak tomato + burrata + microgreens

served portioned with 2 quarters of cheese ball per portion


Tomahawk Steak with Asparagus

Tomahawk steak (prime) + asparagus + compound butter + steak toppings (yuzu kosho or smoked blue cheese)

Tomahawk steak is served on a board for two people to share

Filet Mignon Steak with Scalloped Potatoes

filet mignon steak (prime) + Yukon Gold scalloped potatoes + steak toppings (roasted garlic compound butter, miso compound butter, herbed compound butter) + asparagus (optional) + caramelized Brussels (optional) + 5-6 oz lobster tail (optional)

served plated, 5-6 oz steak

Smoked Steak Tartar

lightly smoked filet mignon (prime) + aioli-based sauce + gently pickled vegetables + grilled artisanal bread

served on the board, 6 oz steak per person


Pavlova Pastry with Seasonal Fresh Fruit

meringue + mascarpone cream + French chocolate pearls + caramelized nuts (optional) + fresh berries

Menu Dishes

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