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Ukrainian Menu

Small Plates | $25-$55 per person | 2-4 savory and 1-2 desserts


Poltava Style Red Borsch

beef shank stock + borsch essence (beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, herbs, spices) + potatoes + white cabbage + sour cream

served hot in a small bowl, 6 oz


Cream of cornmeal + crumbled Feta + smoked bacon cracklings

served hot in a small tin, 5 oz


Potato pancakes + mushroom sauce

served hot in a small tin, 5 oz

Rye Kanapki with Tsvikli

Rye toasts with beet salad + horseradish and roasted garlic dressing

served on a board

Stuffed Crepes with Sour Cream Sauce

crepes + mashed potato + caramelized onions + sauteed mushrooms

crepes + chicken + caramelized onions

crepes + mashed potato + roasted buckwheat + sauteed mushrooms

served in a small tin, 5 oz

Holubtsy | Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

pickled cabbage leaves + pork shoulder + onions + carrots + rice + tomato sauce + herbs + spices

served in a small tin, 5 oz



Crepes stuffed with fresh cheese and baked with sour cream sauce

served in a small tin, 5 oz

Kyiv Cake

Legendary cake since 1956, meringue and nuts sponge layered with Charlotte buttercream

Menu Dishes

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