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one-on-one $250 | for two $125 | group of 3-4 $85 | group of 5-6 $75 | group of 7-12 $65


4 hours

About Classes

Japanese Home Cooking Classes

Introduction to essential Japanese ingredients, basic knife skills, and cooking methods. Learn the basics of a healthy diet based on low-fat, 80% plant-based, nutritious, gut-friendly, delicately flavored and textured foods. Featured recipes are simple and with locally available and seasonal ingredients.

Simple Japanese Home Cooking

This cooking class is for home cooks who would like to practice the most practical recipes from the set. You can pick them from different EXPERIENCES and combine them into a complete meal by the end of the class. We will use mostly familiar ingredients and tools by adopting Japanese cooking techniques to what we already have in an average home kitchen.

Sushi Experience

Rice for sushi; HANDS-ON: rolled and pressed sushi, Kappa Maki (cucumber roll), California Roll (inside out cab and avocado roll), Gunkan Maki (assorted stuffings), Inari Sushi (classic and modern) or SUSHI CAKE (for group of 10 to 12).

Miso Experience

Types of miso; HANDS-ON: Saikyo Yaki (miso-marinated and grilled fish), Vegetable Salad with Miso Mayo, Nasu Dengaku (roasted eggplant with miso glaze), O-nigiri with Miso Kabocha, Akadashi Miso Soup with Clams, Apple Sherbet with Miso Caramel.

Tsukemono Experience

Types of tsukemono; Types of ferment starters; HANDS-ON: Okayu (rice porridge) with Umeboshi and Salted Sakura, Miso Shiru (miso soup with tofu), Karaage (shio koji marinated deep fried chicken) Kojizuke (koji fermented radishes and baby bok choy), Kazuzuke (sake lees fermented cucumbers), Asazuke (quickly pickled turnips), Misozuke (miso fermented daikon).

Soy Milk Experience

BEGINNER cooking with soft and firm tofu | ADVANCED soy milk, tofu, and yuba from scratch; HANDS-ON: Soy Milk, Miso Soup with Tofu, Kumiage Yuba (creamy soy milk skins), Unohana (vegetable salad with okara), Green Bean Shiraae (smashed tofu, sesame, and miso dressing), Tofu Dengaku (grilled tofu with miso glaze).

Soba Experience

BEGINNER cooking with dry and fresh buckwheat noodles | ADVANCED buckwheat noodles from scratch; HANDS-ON: Zaru Soba with Wasabi and Tsuyu (dipping sauce), Tsukimi Soba (soba soup with a poached egg), Kamonanbun Soba (soba soup with duck meatballs), Tempura (shiso, kabocha, shrimp, green bean), Kakiage (mixed vegetables tempura).

Tamago Experience

Japanese eggs recipes; HANDS-ON: Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg), Dashimaki Tamago (rolled omelet), Omurice (fried rice topped with spiraled omelet), Oyakodon (rice with chicken and egg), Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard).

Sukiyaki and Nikudofu Experience

Japanese cutting techniques, nabemono (hot pot) style, warishita broth; HANDS-ON: prep steps for vegetables, meat, broth, dipping sauce.

Yakiniki/Yakitori Experience

Japanese grill recipes, prep, tare (glazing sauce), tabletop grill with binchotan (white charcoal); HANDS-ON: beef menu, chicken menu, seafood menu, vegetable menu.

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