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Pastry Arts


one-on-one $250 | for two $125 | group of 3-4 $85 | group of 5-6 $75 | group of 7-12 $65


4 hours

About Classes

Pastry Arts Cooking Classes

The price per person includes expert instruction, a demo, and hands-on practice plus a share of the cost of ingredients. At the end of the class, you will enjoy freshly made desserts or other snacks with a cup of coffee or tea. You are welcome to BYO wine. You will take home everything made during the class. Please have a large cooler, containers with lids, and ice with you.

Choux Pastry | French Cream Puffs

This class combines four basic recipes and techniques to learn: craqueline, pâte à choux, pastry cream, and mousseline cream. Learn how to use pastry bags and piping tips. Everything you learn in this class can be used for making and decorating different desserts.

Meringue Pastry | Pavlova

A meringue-based dessert topped with whipped cream and decorated with fresh fruits and berries, Pavlova is one of the lightest delights. During the class, you will learn everything you need to know about all types of meringue, practice making French meringue and smooth whipped cream, and how to use pastry bags and piping tips.

Meringue Sponge and Buttercream | Kyiv Cake

Kyiv cake is a legendary low-sugar gluten-free dessert loved in Eastern Europe since 1956. You will learn to whip egg whites into a French meringue, combine it with almond and cashew nuts to make a sponge, cook egg yolks and milk custard, whip a buttercream, assemble a cake and decorate it using a pastry bag and piping tips.

French Tarts | Fruit, Lemon, Frangipane

You will master one of the best tart shell recipes — easy, quick, delicious, and versatile. You will learn how to make three types of fillings for the tart — pastry cream-based, custard-based, and frangipane-based. Get tips on how to serve a tart for tea in 15 minutes!

Pecan Pie

For the signature Texas pie, we will use the best tasting local heirloom rye flour by Barton Springs Mill, San Saba pecans, and a legendary local bourbon by Garrison Brothers. You will learn how to make pie shell dough, and caramel custard, and how to decorate the pie with pecans.

Apple Pies | American, French, Swedish

This class features the best pie recipes with apples. During the season, we use the best-tasting heirloom apples. You will learn three approaches to dough and apples that result in mouthwatering desserts with different textures.

Sweet and Savory Stuffed Brioche

Master the most appreciated enriched dough recipe for soft and fluffy pies with a variety of stuffings, sweet and savory. Learn about all the important steps for the dough, preparing the stuffings, shaping, and baking the brioche.

Souflee | Cheese, Passion Fruit, Salmon

Light and fluffy soufflés are easy to make and just as delicious as you imagine. Discover secrets for creating amazing sweet and savory soufflés that rise to any occasion, from an elegant lunch to a special celebration.


This Italian confection is made with dry fruits, nuts, honey caramel, and spices. Keeps well at room temperature wrapped airtight and becomes more and more flavorful with maturity. It is one of my most popular Christmas gifts. Celebrate the holiday season by mastering Panforte Margherita.

Custom Pastry Arts Cooking Class

Request recipes and skills you'd like to master.

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