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one-on-one $250 | for two $125 | group of 3-4 $85 | group of 5-6 $75 | group of 7-12 $65


4 hours

About Classes

Ukrainian Cuisine Cooking Classes

The price per person includes expert instruction, a demo, and hands-on practice plus a share of the cost of ingredients. In the end, you will enjoy lunch or dinner with food made during the class. You are welcome to BYO wine or beer.

Syrniki | Fresh Cheese Pancakes

Learn how to make fresh farmer's cheese at home. Master Ukrainian fresh cheese pancakes with a low amount of flour, soft, tender, creamy, served with fresh berries and sour cream.

Gombovtsy | Cheese and Potato Dumplings

We will make and have lunch with savory and sweet Ukrainian dumplings Gombovtsy. The dough for the dumplings is made with either fresh cheese or mashed potato with a low amount of flour. Sweet dumplings are traditionally stuffed with sugar plums and savory ones — with cooked vegetables or proteins. Dumplings are simmered in water and served with different sauces and toppings.

Mlyntsi and Nalisnyki | Ukrainian Stuffed Crepes

Master Ukrainian thin crepes and different dishes made with them. Stuffed with vegetables, poultry, and fresh cheese, they are very popular as appetizers or main dishes, sweet or savory, that are cooked in advance and reheated before serving with different sauces.

Varenyki | Ukrainian Stuffed Dumplings

Ukrainian dumplings are half-moon-shaped, known as pierogi in Western Ukraine and Poland. Varenyki can be the main course and the dessert. The most popular and widespread fillings are potato, sauteed sauerkraut and mushrooms, tart cherries, and many other fruits and berries. Savory dumplings are often served in sour cream and topped with caramelized onions and bacon cracklings.

Borsch | Beef Stock, Borsch Essence, Traditional Serving

Borsch is our signature dish. There are regional and seasonal recipes all over Ukraine. I share my family Borsch recipe and cooking techniques from the Poltava region, featuring "Borsch Essence." At the end of the class, we will enjoy a bowl of piping-hot Borsch with a slice of rye bread and Salo.

Ukrainian Enriched Dough Rolls and Buns

Learn how to make poppy seed rolls or buns or snowflake-shaped Christmas bread with brioche-like Ukrainian dough. This dough can also be used to make small stuffed pies that stay soft and fluffy for days.

Easter Bread | Paska and Korovai

Paska means "Easter" in Ukrainian, and it is our traditional slightly sweet Easter bread. In some regions it is braided, in others it is glazed, always decorated with religious symbols. Paska is taken to church on Easter morning in a special basket with other foods to be blessed. Korovai is made with the same type of dough, but always braided and heavily decorated as sacred bread for major celebrations, including weddings.

Ukrainian Cuisine Custom Cooking Class

Request a customized class with the recipes and cooking skills you'd like to master.

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